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Say Hello to Selina

We are pleased to welcome Selina as the newest member of our sales force! Now, as you may have noticed, Selina isn’t actually real. She’s a Clevertar, which means never gets tired, grumpy, or infectious… which is weirdly perfect for our times! You’ll meet Selina on every page of our site from today. We believe you will find her expertise invaluable in your shopping experience, plus she has a fantastic personality, too.

Don’t worry — if you need a real human, the rest of us are still around, and are always happy to hear from you. Just email us, call us, or –even better– ask Selina to forward a message to us!

Selina's face

UPDATE 15/10/21: Selina has a completely new face and voice. She just woke up one morning and -bam- it's all new! (Wouldn't it be nice...) Rest assured, her charming minimalist personality remains the same.

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