Christmas Offers (2021 Edition)

Christmas 2021 is approaching at the speed of light (or Santa), so if you’re thinking of gifting anything from our store (which is an excellent idea, I must say!), please keep shipping delays in mind... For shipments by regular post, you should order before the 13th of December; for express post, that’s the 20th of December. If you live in WA or NT, add another 5 days to be safe.

Because we really would like you to get your hands on your gifts in time, we’re lowering our FREE EXPRESS shipping offer to all orders over $50 until December 20. Still too hard to decide what to get? Let us help you make up your mind (and give a little present back) with a f(l)at $15 discount on all orders over $80 - use discount code 15DOLLARS on checkout. Or, if you are ready to splurge, make it less of a splurge by using 30DOLLARS to get $30 off for orders over $125! (all until December 20)

Xmas vibes
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