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We've recently observed a rise in counterfeit online shops that leverage other brand names and scam customers either outright or by delivering only substandard goods. Please be careful when you shop online — check your URLs carefully when you follow any ads or search links! MooseGirl exclusively operates and sells products through our official website, which is accessible at and By purchasing our products through this store you're assured to receive quality merchandise and can fully benefit from our customer support options.

Note that at present we only ship from Australia into the Australian market and nowhere else.

Specifically, it has come to our knowledge that some of these fake stores, even those cloning very different brands selling very different products (such as shoes!), have started sending out invoices under the "MooseGirl" name, causing understandable confusion and concern. We want to assure you that these invoices do not originate from us. We have no affiliations with these operators and strongly condemn any acts of deception that exploit the trust you have in our brand.

Unfortunately, we can't assist directly with any repercussions resulting from interactions with these fraudulent entities, but you're strongly encouraged to report any any suspicious websites or invoices using our brand name to us and to your local law enforcement agency. This will assist with taking legal action and helping prevent others from falling prey to these scams.

Thanks for your continued trust and support. If you have any concerns, you can always reach out to us via website chat, email (, or phone (0422 684 594). We're real!

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