Shop Renovation Complete

Our online shop really deserved a makeover... and, hooray, our renovation efforts are now complete! Welcome to the new MooseGirl! How do you like our new home? It's cleaner, leaner, more spacious, more stylish; all to highlight our gorgeous inventory, because that's why you're here, right?

We must apologise to anyone who misses the old place, however. Not all of its features carry over (but you get some new ones in their place!), plus if you had an online account with us previously, you'll need a new account now. We're happy to help if you require any data or order updates from your existing account.

OK, no further distractions from us: go forth and browse (which is explicitly permitted in our shop ;-) ). If you encounter any gremlins, though, please do reach out to us. This place has got to be perfect.

Fireworks for our grand opening (j/k)

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