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The Only Constant is Change

You might have noticed that we’ve just changed our free delivery offer to purchases over $35. We really loved the simplicity of granting free delivery to everyone, no matter how small the order. It’s a great way of trying us out after all, but it came with some difficult compromises:

  • Small items had to be sent via letter, which over the recent few months has become frustratingly slow, particularly to some locations! We’ll be reducing the use of letters to these locations from now on.
  • Shipping costs are absorbed into product pricing, which penalises everyone who wants to order a few more items – particularly if these are larger ones, such as solid headbands.

We’ve therefore mixed up our shipping options, with FREE shipping continuing beyond $35, and a small $5.90 charge for orders under $35. We’ll continue offering FREE EXPRESS shipping above $80, and it’s only a lowly $5.90 for orders between $35-$80 ($9.90 below $25).

Our pricing is being adjusted to account for the above. Lots of items have been discounted permanently now, and many orders will check out at a better price now. We also continue to offer discount coupons, with 10% off at $55 (coupon code: SAVE10), 15% at $110 (coupon code: SAVE15), and 20% at $150 (coupon code: SAVE20).

All in all, a small but significant change. We hope it’ll work well for you, too, and please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

UPDATE (29/08/21): To ensure faster delivery and a better experience for you, we've further increased use of parcels and satchels to deliver smaller items. Our free shipping threshold and other discounts have been adjusted in the article above to account for that.

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